Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fixing Errors on Your Credit Report

Traditionally fixing errors found on your credit report had been a difficult and confusing with the old complaint systems made available by the credit bureaus.  Recently Experian, Equifax & TransUnion have all updated their error dispute systems to make it easier for consumers to submit complaints regarding the fixing of errors on their reports and have included features within the new systems that also make it easier for the credit bureaus to make a determination regarding the item being disputed and how it will be addressed. 

    Some of the new features of the new error complaint systems include the following.

  • Allows the attachment of supporting documents
  • Provides a section where the consumer can state full details of the case

The changes to the previous error reporting and dispute systems once used by the consumer credit bureaus was prompted by new legislation presented to congress known as  The "Stop Errors in Credit Use and Reporting (SECURE) Act"

The "Stop Errors in Credit Use and Reporting (SECURE) Act" would require credit bureaus to perform a more diligent investigative and take corrective actions.  

The legislation states that the credit bureaus would now be required to :

  • Better investigate consumer error complaints
  • Review all new information submitted by consumers regarding the dispute
  • Submit all supporting documentation provided by the consumer to the lenders involved in the disputed information
  • Provide a free credit score annually to consumers when they request their free credit report
  • Gives consumers the ability to take the credit bureaus to court when errors have not been fixed