Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Best Cards to establish or rebuild credit

Establishing or rebuilding poor credit is a challenge and most people will apply and be denied numerous times before they are granted an unsecured line of credit so to save time and reduce the number of unnecessary hard inquiries made by creditors when your application is submitted I have gone ahead and created a list of the best cards to apply for  based on personal experience and knowledge of the various creditors guidelines for approvals thats not publicly available.  The most obvious ones that a person with no credit or poor credit could likely obtain would be a secured card but this list focuses on unsecured credit lines which would be the most favorable option.

Lets begin with store charge accounts which usually have two ways you can be approved.  The first is an approval for an in store only charge account and the second is a major credit card that offers additional perks when used in the store its been branded for.  From experience most if they will extend you credit at all will likely approve you for a major credit account.  In both scenarios either having no credit or having poor credit I have yet to receive an in store only charge account and am unaware of anyone else personally that has either.  The stores I would recommend submitting applications with would be Sears, Home Depot, Kohls, Walmart, JcPenny, Macys, Victoria Secret, Pier 1, Express, Home Shopping Network, Bealls or Sports Authority.

In addition to store cards the next best option is cards that come with high fees in exchange for extending a small amount of unsecured credit.  Your best options for these high fee cards are the Total Rewards Visa or Credit one card.

Bottom line is that although it may be tough for those with no credit history or poor credit there are still creditors out there that will extend you credit.